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:: "UniKey USB Dongle" - Copy protection solution from SecuTech Solution Inc.

We are National Distributor for SecuTech Solution Inc.'s UniKey USB Dongle.

Product Profile:
UniKey USB Dongle UNIKEY dongle is a small driverless hardware to plug in your computer USB port. Each UNIKEY dongle presents a unique digital signature that is recognized by the software to be protected, therefore, the software allows its correct operation. UNIKEY dongle offers you a solution for software protection and content protection in a high security way. UNIKEY dongle allows you to use one and the same type of hardware for the protection of your single station licenses as well as your floating licenses within a network system. UniKey dongle is available in 2 models for USB port to meet both stand alone and networked requirements.

SecuTech Solution Inc. SecuTech Solutions Inc. is a company specializing in software license management business systems focusing on the international market with their class leading UniKey product range. Having an extensive and in-depth range of experience within the Software Management Licensing market, SecuTech has drawn upon this experience to utilize today's cutting-edge technologies to introduce a COMPLETE and affordable solution for today's software vendor markets worldwide. The SecuTech Software License Management System is a combination of Hardware Key and Software. With increasing concerns of software piracy and license distribution, SecuTech has dedicated itself in developing the best Software License Management Systems in the market today. In working in close collaboration with software developers, software distributors and in using its extensive range of commercial software experience, SecuTech has developed the UniKey range of products to meet the ever increasing and demanding array of requests from its customers globally. SecuTech provides multiple solutions for software copy protection, software license control, data encryption, media protection, document protection, and customizing software according to customers request.

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