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:: "e-ziBank" - Financial Accounting with Inventory

Product Profile:
e-ziBank enables Banking institutions & Patsansthas to extend their services effectively & accurately. e-ziBank is a voucher based package. Here user has to post the vouchers as per their daily work, and all the reports are generated automatically, Viz.; all voucher related reports, a/c ledgers, Daybook, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial balance, Cr & Db outstanding, Registers, Different MIS reports, etc.

It is cost-effective solution for clients who need a system that is quick to install and easy to use and administer. It loads, launches, tracks and manages large amount of user data. e-ziBank comes with English or your choice of other Indian regional languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada etc.

e-ziBank offers a range of standard reports and operates on ORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server / Access databases, and is sold on a one time license basis and packaged on a self-installing CD-ROM.

e-ziBank comes with different modules as per the clients requirements & needs to handle the Head Office & the Branch Offices of a Bank or Patsanstha. The Head Office module takes care of the Shares, Salary Slips & regular Branch Operations. Also, it handles RBI reporting, in case of Banks. Branch Module handles Investments, Loans, Fixed Deposits, thus giving unparalleled flexibility in targeting large number individuals and group of users.
Thus e-ziBank gives Control & Flexibility to Banks & Patsansthas.

Key Functionality and Features:

:: Transaction Delivery Services

  1. Software supports client-server mode of communication
  2. Software supports Encryption of data on the network. This ensures high security within the application environment.
  3. Available in Indian regional languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada.
  4. Multiple Document Interface
  5. Supports role based privileges and configurations. Administrator can define new roles and assign them to users. Privileges are defined at very granular level.
  6. Configurable features we have, like custom report generation, custom receipt printing, customized notice handling etc...
  7. Data Backup facility
  8. Simple to navigate HELP, v-Help
  9. Active ALERTS for Loan Defaulters
  10. Active Browsing through reports

:: High Performance

  1. Does pre-determined connection pool from client to server
  2. Software has extremely optimized and lightweight components with very small memory footprint which ensures very little overhead to the system.

:: Scalability

  1. Load balancing and Database migration is supported.

:: Fault Tolerance

  1. Fully configurable time-outs, enabling the application to handle errors appropriately.
  2. Have monitoring and administration facilities at application level.
  3. Have exhaustive metrics about transactions types, response times, errors, etc.,

:: Multi-platform

  1. System available on a Win95 to Win XP platforms

:: System requirements:

  1. Minimum Requirement: Pentium 100 Processor with 16 MB RAM & 40MB HDD
  2. Operating System: Windows 9x Platform
  3. LPT1 Printer Port

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