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Welcome to Parshwa Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Formerly Known as PARSHWA SYSTEMS, founded in 1997, with ten years of experience, coupled with our ability to constantly innovate has earned Parshwa Infosolutions an outstanding reputation for excellence and quality services among small to medium businesses throughout Maharashtra, India. While we highly value that reputation and the hard work it took to establish, we continually seek to refine and establish a high quality of services to our customers in Maharashtra.

We started serving & focusing into a region where our customers were far away from IT & computer automization was not prevalent & next to impossible, we succeeded in helping Dairy Industry & Banking / Pathsanthas.

We have always believed that customers need a solution that works, not just isolated technological objects. It was therefore inevitable that our endeavors grew into an array of services like Dairy Farm Automisation, Banking, Pathsansthas, Accounting & Ledger Maintenance, Service & Support, Internet Services, as well as Training and Development.

Our main products are the e-ziBank & Dairy Farm Automisation System, a powerful, multilingual management system that has been chosen by leading Banks/ Pathsansthas & Dairy Farms in Maharashtra, India.

Today, Parshwa Infosolutions is focused on providing software solutions for the new E-economy. Our products and services range from Desktop Computers to Network and Internet solutions. By using evolving technology we respond to every need of our client whether it is an individual person, a large company or a government institution.

Primary expertise of Parshwa Infosolutions is in ability to build software as per customer requirement.

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